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Teach-Touch Management Consulting Company is an operations management consulting firm, founded in 1999. We work with international companies and Chinese state-owned, or privately owned companies: from large public corporations to start-ups. These companies operate primarily in manufacturing and all strive to achieve better performance.


Teach-Touch people are some of the most resourceful, hard-working, highly motivated people in the business world. Joining Teach-Touch will present you with a tremendous opportunity to immerse yourself in a culture of self learning and effective training.  You will quickly build up extensive knowledge and form deep business insights through working on a wide variety of projects in diverse industries. You will interact with senior clients, and your input will add tangible value. Throughout your time at Teach-Touch, you will be trained, stretched and developed.


Teach-Touch is a place to recognise your dream;

Teach-Touch is a place to inspire your passion;

Teach-Touch is a place to challenge your excellence!


Passion creates our world!

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