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《Lean Production Implementation Guide》

  Author: Jimmy Wang Peter Guo
  First Edition:2009

  Main contents: This volume provides precise definitions of primary tools that consists of lean

  production system. More than that, this volume also demonstrates the functions of each

  tool and how to use the tools.It is a useful toolkit for people who want to implement   

  lean production in their companies.



《Games for Trainers》
   Author: Dongyun Wang
   The first edition: 2003 
   Main contents: This volume collects together 100 classic games for trainers. The author not

   only fully describes the implementation procedures, but also gives clear guidance on the

   applicability of each game for specific training contexts, and skilfully shows how to

   conduct debriefing following the training.  


《Outstanding Trainer》
  Writer: Wang Dongyun
   The first edition: 2005
   Main Contents: This book has been adopted by many companies as their main reference

   source for “train the trainer” programmes,  because it demonstrates clear approaches and

   the skills required for the design and delivery of effective training programmes.


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