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1.Benefits of 5S:  Why implement 5S?


As a powerful tool for organising, improving and sustaining a productive work environment, the effectiveness of 5S has been proven in numerous companies within different industries. After implementing 5S, companies are able to reduce waste hidden in the plant, improve the levels of quality and safety, reduce costs, and thus increase profits. The potential benefits of 5S can be summarised in five aspects:


Improved on-site performance

Improved work efficiency

Improved safety

Reduction in wasted space

Improved employee competency


The following chart is derived from analysis of 5S benefits gained by companies served by Teach-Touch Management Consulting Company over the last 3 years:

As well as the above tangible performance indicators, implementing 5S can also help improve companies’ core competitiveness by standardising the procedure of equipment maintenance, simplifying and optimising logistics, and improving overall employee competency. Some indicators are hard to measure immediately, but in the long run, the change is very obvious:  comparing key indicators between pre-implementation and one year into a project strongly supports that last point.





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