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3.Suggested Companies: Which Types of Companies Can Benefit Most From Implementing LP?


Although Lean Production is adopted extensively by companies in the automobile industry, it is also valuable for other industrial sectors such as electronics, food, pharmacy, and mechanicals. Its soundness has been proven by many premium firms, such as IBM, Motorola, Acelor and SASS. Indeed, many Chinese state-owned companies and middle-sized private Chinese companies have already adopted Lean Production management systems.


The industries of clients served by Teach-Touch in previous years:


LP may be an appropriate solution for you if you are confronted by the following challenges:


1. Unbalanced or unpredictable orders;

2. Balancing small quantities and high variety;

3. Delivery time cannot meet customers’ needs;

4. Inventory encroaches on the production area and leads to chaos

5. Product quality is unstable;

6. High customer complaints rate;

7. Aggressive  price competition within industries;

8. Continually shrinking profits.




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