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6LP Consulting Service: How Consulting Company Can Help You


You can engage consulting companies or a professional consultant to implement LP in your company. Generally, a consulting company can help your company to do the following:


1. Assess current position to enable setting up of the correct implementation strategy

2. Standardise and improve implementation procedures.

3. Set up and standardise operational documents.

4. Resolve problems encountered during the implementation.


  Teach-Touch Management Consulting Company is well renowned for its extensive experience in Lean Production consulting service, and for its utilisation of unique methodologies for problem solving, sustaining outcomes, and dealing with issues that might occur during implementation. We always co-operate with our customers and pay great attention to helping our clients change their employees’ mindset, and inspire creativity.


Our standard project may consist of following steps :

· Data collection

· Analysis of the current state

· Set up project objectives

· Team facilitation

· Tailor-made training

· On-site performance coaching

· Training internal trainers

· Provide suggestions on sustaining the gains


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The key to a successful implementation is in developing self-directed employees. Based on this , we will take a team focused approach when developing and implementing a Lean Production programme in your facility.  A team based implementation style helps to  motivate the employees’ passion for participation,  and inspire their creativity within the improvement process.


Our Lean Production solution focuses primarily on three aspects:


Establish correct strategy: based on the customers needs and requirements, work out a strategy in harmony with company culture, factory status, and management system.


Powerful execution: focusing on inspiring employees’ creativity and passion, execute the strategy thoroughly by setting up a highly productive project team and assign tasks clearly and correctively.


Systematisation and standardisation: emphasise the continuous improvement philosophy through standardisation of the stage attainment measurement process.


Teach-Touch has extensive experience and a proven approach for delivering Lean Production solutions. It is our objective to deliver high-performance solutions to every customer every time. We can support all of your Lean Production needs, from consulting services and training, to implementation materials. We would like to discuss your Lean Production issues, and talk about how we can be a part of your solution. If there is continued interest after further discussion, we would like to take the initiative of providing a proposal that is geared to your specific situation. Tell us what your needs are, and let us work with you to meet them. Please send us your information by completing the Lean Production Examination Form.




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