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3.Company Suitability: Which Types Of Companies Are Most Suitable For Implementing Lean Sigma?


Large-scale corporations such as Allied Signal, Black & Decker, Dow Chemical, Dupont, Federal Express, General Electric, Johnson and Johnson, Motorola, and Toshiba have all rolled out Six Sigma efforts and achieved outstanding results. However, Lean Six Sigma can be implemented in both large-scale and small sized companies. It can work in any size of business, and any industry, because the nature of the project is dependent upon characteristics inherent to any business.


The industries served by Teach-Touch:

If you are confronted by the following issues, Lean Six Sigma can bring about tangible results within a short period of time

1. High defect rate

2. Low on-time delivery rate

3. High lead time

4. Low customer satisfaction

5. High inventory




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