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1.Benefits of TPM: Why Implement TPM?


TPM is an acronym for Total Productive Maintenance; T means improve overall efficiency by all employees, and prolong the lifecycle of equipment and instruments involved in a production system; P means productive, zero breakdown, zero defect, and zero disaster; M means maintenance of instruments and equipment to improve reliability. In short, TPM aims to achieve optimisation of production capacity, speed, and quality.


Other benefits of implementing TPM include:


• Remove and avoid waste

• Guarantee product quality

• Decrease costs

• Improve customer satisfaction

• Improve employees’ satisfaction


Developed in America and Japan, TPM has been introduced into most countries across the world. Some Chinese companies started practising TPM in the 1990s. Through research of customers served by Teach-Touch Consulting during the past 7 years, indicators show that these companies have made great progress


OPE rose to 80% from 60%

OEE rose to 90% from 65%

Manufacturing Cost (MC) decreased to 30%

Rate of delivery-on-time (DOT) achieved 100%

Workforce with multiple skills(MS) increased by 20%


Additional to  the  above quantitative indicators, other potential benefits for companies are also immense. These benefits can be summarised in the following 6 aspects:


Better performance of employees

Clean and tidy work environment

Safer work environment

Positive change of operators’ mindset

Achieve targets through team work

Promotion of horizontal communications in an organisation

Shared knowledge and experience


A real TPM case.





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