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2.Introduction of TPM: How TPM Can Greatly Benefit Your Company


How can TPM achieve so many objectives?


Essentially, the success of TPM is attributed to eliminating  6 losses, as follows:

1. Unexpected breakdown losses: cost of downtime, lost production opportunity or yields, waste of labour.

2. Set-up and adjustment losses: the lost production opportunity or yields during product changeovers, shift change or other changes in operating conditions.

3. Stoppage losses: frequent production downtime and lost production opportunity

4. Speed losses: productivity losses when equipment must be slowed down to prevent quality defects or minor stoppages.

5. Quality defect losses: losses from off-spec production and defects due to equipment malfunction or poor performance, time and materials spent on reworking.

6. Initial correction losses: losses occurring before the equipment operates stably, including costs of testing the clamps, moulds, and products.


In contrast with other types of maintenance, TPM focuses on creating a culture encouraging all employees,  rather than just maintenance staff,  to create additional value for the organization. TPM advocates four rules in each business unit (e.g. production department, supporting departments and sales department).


Four Rules of TPM:

1.Avoid any unscheduled break downs

2.Emphasise prevention and planning

3.Focus on overall participation of each department

4.Focus on safety


TPM system consists of 8 pillars




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