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6. Five Stages of TPM Evolution


1.Breakdown Maintenance. This signifies that equipment is only repaired when it fails: this is acceptable only when the failure does not have a significant effect on the output of the operation, or when it generates no significant cost other that the cost of the repair itself.


2.Preventive Maintenance (1951).  Daily maintenance activities: cleaning, inspection, oiling and re-tightening, designed to maintain the healthy condition of equipment and prevent failure through deterioration; periodic inspection or equipment condition diagnosis, to measure deterioration. It is further divided into periodic maintenance and predictive maintenance. Doing preventive maintenance can prolong the service life of equipment.


3.Corrective Maintenance (1957). This improves equipment and related components so that preventive maintenance can be carried out reliably. Equipment with design weaknesses must be redesigned to improve reliability and/or maintainability.


4.Maintenance Prevention (1960).  Weaknesses of current machines are carefully studied and improvements are incorporated before commissioning new equipment. On site information such as failure frequency, whether the equipment is easy to maintain, whether the equipment is easy to operate, and whether the equipment meets site safety criteria is incorporated into the new design.


5.Total Productive Maintenance (1970).  The goal of the TPM system is to markedly increase production, whilst at the same time increasing employee morale and job satisfaction. TPM brings maintenance into focus as a necessary and vitally important part of the business. Down time for maintenance is scheduled as a part of the manufacturing day and, in some cases, as an integral part of the manufacturing process. The goal is to reduce emergency and unscheduled maintenance to a minimum, realise zero defects, zero incidents, and zero breakdowns.




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