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1.Benefits of Production Efficiency Improvement (PEI): Why Implement PEI?


China is proud of the fact that more and more products in the global marketplace are “made in China”. This success is, however, principally due to low labour costs and cheap raw materials, rather than advanced technology in manufacturing and design. The great majority of Chinese companies are still struggling with problems such as low production efficiency, unstable quality, and huge waste during production. Implementing a PEI project could help these companies to improve their performance in those areas.


The benefits of implementing PEI:


• Improve production efficiency

• Shorten delivery time

• Reduce costs

• Optimise logistics system


The chart below summarises the benefits gained by 500 companies who have implemented PEI projects, and some of these companies have been served by Teach-Touch in the past 5 years. These benefits clearly demonstrate the excellent returns from investing in a PEI project.




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