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5.PSC Consulting Service: How a Consulting Company can Help You


You can consult consulting companies or professional consultants to implement PSC in your company. Generally speaking, a consulting company can help your company to:


1. Assess the current situation to allow setting up of the correct implementation strategy

2. Standardise and improve implementation procedures.

3. Set up and standardise operational documents.

4. Resolve problems encountered during implementation.


Teach-Touch Management Consulting Company is well renowned  for its extensive experience in PSC consulting service, and for its application of unique methodologies for problem solving and sustaining outcomes. Our experienced consultant team utilises effective, proven tools to guarantee results.  Our customers  achieve continuous improvements in areas such as data accuracy, reduction in operational complexity, supplier selection, purchasing, warehousing, and distribution.


Our Standard Project Approach:

· Data collection

· Analysis of the current state

· Set up project objectives

· Team facilitation

· Tailor-made training

· On-site performance coaching

· Training internal trainers

· Provide suggestions on sustaining the gains


Teach-Touch has extensive experience and a proven approach for delivering PSC solutions. It is our objective to deliver high-performance solutions to every customer, every time. We can support all of your supply chain needs; from consulting services and training, to implementation materials.  We would like to discuss your requirements, and provide a proposal that is geared to your specific situation.  Tell us your needs, and let us work with you to meet them.




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